editorial photography


i am one of the leading editorial photographers on the sunshine coast with over 20 years of print media 

experience at fairfax newspapers , horwitz publications, next media, bauer media & more.


I can deliver tailored images to fit your editorial,  press release, publicity, marketing or storyboard brief.

i can also shoot hero images for lead/cover stories and have shot over 100 newspaper

and magazine covers in the last few years

 I have had stories / cover images published in The Australian newspaper, Sydney Morning Herald,

Leader Newspapers, SALT Magazine, Pacific Longboarder, Life & Style, U on Sunday,

Outside Magazine, Bicycling Australia Magazine, Australian Mountain Bike magazine,

Golf Australia magazine, BlueWater Magazine, Inside Sport, OUTSIDE and Tracks magazines.

I currently freelance locally for In Noosa magazine.

so, if you need an editorial photographer to create some tailored images to suit your next story or press release,

i'd love to help. contact me for more information or to discuss your requirements!

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 ​​0411 215 111 ​​  dave@surfshots.com.au​​

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