I offer digital action photos of YOU in a variety of file sizes / qualities for purchase (personal use only).


Option 1. Web Quality digital files - $20 each (& gst). These photos are supplied as unwatermarked digital files at 1500 pixels wide at 150dpi and are suitable for social media only


Option 2. Medium Quality digital files - $30 each (& gst). These photos are supplied as digital files at 2500 pixels wide (approx 2MB file size) and are suitable for websites, computer / tv screensavers, high quality social media posts, and printing yourself in sizes up to A4. If you just want to use these online, or in smaller personal prints choose this option. 


Option 3.  Full High Resolution digital files - $50 each (& gst). These images are supplied at full size (up to 6000 pixels wide / 15MB) at 300dpi and are suitable for all uses including high quality online use and printing yourself in extra large sizes - up to 1.5 metre wide. (You also receive a web copy for online use with this option). This is the best quality option if you want to print a large print yourself or obtain the image in full quality.


With all options - BUY 5 SHOTS AND I'LL GIVE YOU ALL EXTRA SHOTS OF YOU FOR FREE. (eg if I have taken 10 or 20 shots of you, when you buy 5, all the extras from that session are free - just ensure you put ALL photo code numbers in the box when ordering). This offer applies to either Low, Medium or High Res options


I spend my time and effort to capture great images of you in action, so your support and online photo orders are really appreciated. Thanks! Dave


File Quality
Number of Images
  • Choose whether you want web quality, medium quality or full high resolution files, enter number of shots, code numbers, add to cart and proceed to checkout. PLEASE ALLOW US 24-48 HOURS to get your images to you

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